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Comics unmasked entry by WitchyMomo

Howdy~! So here goes nothing on that critique :-D It's really cool to see you trying out new styles; you've gotten way better at making...

  So, big Brothers Grimm announcement - CHAPTER 2 IS FINALLY ONLINE!
  It took forever, but it's done at last. (/>w<)/ Unfortunately as all technology around me seems to be breaking at the moment, I could only get it uploaded on my inkblazers account, which I think you need to have/make an account on the site to read.
  For anyone who is okay with that, the link is here:…
  And for anyone who can't access that I will try to upload it here as soon as I can, but I doubt I'll have any internet access for the next week so for now inkblazers is the best way to read it.
  In terms of comments, you guys know that I always love your feedback - so if you have any please leave it either on the pages on inkblazers or on this journal post (until I can upload it here of course XD) - as such, anyone who doesn't want spoilers might wanna stay out of the comments section until you've read the chapter xD (also any comments that I haven't responded to yet, don't worry - i'll get back to you as soon as I have internet access again)
  I'm sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this arrangement might cause, but please bear with me - hopefully the chapter itself will make up for it (> .<)

  Anyhoo, in other news - it is now summer! But even though it's the holidays, I'm gonna be crazy busy - for I am getting a job in order to save up for decent equipment so this kind of chapter-upload/creation based hassle won't occur again! As well as getting a job, I also have a bunch of homework to do, but (more importantly) I will also be working on the first chapter of a manga/western-style comic called "FIVE", for which a friend is writing the story, as well as a oneshot for the same series. (As such, there won't be much, if any, time for individual illustrations over the summer, so there probably won't be too much activity here for the next few weeks :'( ) Wish me luck anyway, hopefully you guys'll like the end result! :-D 
  Now, I'm running out of battery so I'd better go - I'll be back in a week to see what you guys thought of the chapter and stuffs, plus any further updates/uploads XD

  Over, out, and unprepared for a week without internet (> .<)


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United Kingdom
I'm British through-and-through! (save for the fact that I have a very strong and very unexplained American accent)
Currently, I'm 17 years old; I've been drawing Manga since i was about 8, and it's been my dream to work for Shonen Jump for as long as i can remember! ^^

--"A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.” --Rock Lee, Naruto

--"The only person that could take your dreams away is you, by giving up on them.” -- Davis, Digimon

--"(*Anything Dr Bones Mccoy has ever said*)"

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