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RWBY - Neptune - Parasitic Grimm AU by mangarainbow
RWBY - Neptune - Parasitic Grimm AU

Because I’m obsessed with the-rabbit-doodles‘ Parasitic Grimm AU on Tumblr - (It’s so horrible I love it~)

(Also figured I could do with some practise with the brush tool and trying out some different lighting methods xD - gotta say, using a more sketchy style like this is pretty fun :D)

As Always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated! Love to hear what you think! (/>w<)/
You're awfully persistent Pinetree! by mangarainbow
You're awfully persistent Pinetree!
  I'm not even in this fandom what am I doing.
  (I blame my friend for telling me about their Billdip obsession during MCM)

  (That said I gotta admit I kinda like how it turned out - and I learned how to make transparent stuff! :D)

  But hey, as 'out-of-my-regular-fandom-zone' as this may be; As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated! Love to hear what you think! (/^w^)/
Hey guys! Please check out CambosaGaming 's story about my RWBY OC - he really brought him to life! :D…
RWBY OC - Gold Mortise - GIF

  So I was in an animation-y mood this afternoon and then this happened. (Plus I keep thinking Gold here would look cool in motion so there we go)

  It's only 7 frames but hey ho I'm happy with how it turned out xD

On a side note I now know how to make gifs, hussah

  Anyhoo - as always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated! (especially since it's been years since I've done something like this xD) - Love to hear what you think! (/^w^)/

RWBY Sketch - Neptune by mangarainbow
RWBY Sketch - Neptune
  So this started off as just some random anatomy practice and then it turned into Neptune because I have a ridiculous obsession with this noodle.
  Idk I figured it turned out alright anyway so it mighta been worth an upload xD
  In any case - random though it is - as always, any and all comments would be very much appreciated~! Love to hear what you think! (^w^)/
  So basically; A-levels.
  They require ALOT of work - annnnd i'm kinda behind on most of it. (yayy~ XD)
  As such, most of my time is gonna be spent catching up on the work i need to do for college - as such, probably not gonna be able to upload as much stuff here for the next few weeks(unless any of the stuff i need to draw for my art course turns out well xD)
  (Also, besides the whole A-Level thing; well, i got some pretty bad news recently - i won't go into detail, but a good portion of my time is gonna be spent trying to work that out.)
  In terms of manga updates; I'm gonna be working on my entry for this years Manga Jiman Competition probably up until the end of October (i'm gonna be cutting so close to the deadline oh god *flails*) - and after the oneshot for that is done, i'll either be getting on with chapter 3 of "Brothers Grimm" or the first chapter of "FIVE" (depending on where my buddy is at with the script rewrite by then) - hopefully you guys'll look forward to those! (whichever one gets worked on first XD)
  (is anybody else entering the Jiman by the way? How're you finding the theme?)

  So to explain the second half of the title - I'M GOING TO DESTINATION STAR TREK THIS WEEK!
  Just to clarify; it's a massive Star Trek convention held here in the UK which i have been excited about for months. Not just because it's a huge meetup of awesome space dorks, but because me and my friend have tickets to meet Karl Urban. (Bones from the recent Star Trek Reboot movies, among other things) - I am freaking out so much and this has nothing to do with anything but i needed to vent that i'm sorry *fangirling intensifies*

   On a side note; i don't know if it's entirely relevant but i got suckered into joining tumblr recently. I mostly use it to reblog Star Trek and Walking Dead stuff, but on occasion i also put random fanart doodles on there that don't get uploaded here on DA.
  Here's a link if you want to join the madness:  

  Anyhoo - sorry if it was a bit of an all over the place update, but i am very tired (/> .<)/
  Over, Out, and Boldly Going~  :icondw817enterprise1plz:


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm British through-and-through! (save for the fact that I have a very strong and very unexplained American accent)
Currently, I'm 17 years old; I've been drawing Manga since i was about 8, and it's been my dream to work for Shonen Jump for as long as i can remember! ^^

--"A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.” --Rock Lee, Naruto

--"The only person that could take your dreams away is you, by giving up on them.” -- Davis, Digimon

--"(*Anything Dr Bones Mccoy has ever said*)"

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